✧*。 Lolita Wig Bobo A from Uniqso 。*✧

Hiii !

Finally I'm doing the review of the second wig ! 

Color ♥ Pink
Lenght ♥ 40cm
Type ♥ 100% heat resistant fiber

To see pictures of the packaging, read the review of the first wig ! ^-^

When I saw the wig, the first thing I thought was 
"wow, this really isn't the color I expected !"

On the storage picture, it looks like an old pink, a little dusty and dark.

The wig turns out to be a very, very flashy pink ! I was very surprised,
and a little disappointed. The color is lovely, but it really isn't the same effect,
the same style, if you know what I mean. 

Aaand that's why it's important to look for reviews before buying anything !!

This is the wig completely unstyled (no hair straightener, no cutting)
The bangs is waaaaaaaaay too long for me ! And I thought the shape of the wig
really didn't suit me at all. So I decided to change that !

You can always trim your bangs the way you wish to; 

Before / After

Much better !

I don't know if it's visible on pictures, but this wig
has two color tones, two pinks, and it's lovely !

I also really adore the cut style, it looks like the Mikasa's wig,
and I love it :3

I felt like there wasn't as much hair as on my other wigs from Uniqso,
but it also gives another look.

To be honest, I was quite disappointed at first. The color, the shape
that looked strange on me... But atfer I styled it, I even forgot the color 
I wanted and loved this wig for what it was ! A flashy pink one, with an
awesome cut, and very soft hair.

Don't forget ! If you purchase anything from Uniqso,
use my discount code to have 10% off ! 

" yumemia"

Thank you for reading ! ♥


  1. Cute wig, better with this cut

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    and I follow you back :)

    With love.

  3. You look cute in your wig..

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    I will follow you back after it. ^^


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