✧*。 Mikasa Ackerman Wig from Uniqso 。*✧

Hello again !~

From Uniqso,

I asked Mikasa Ackerman wig for my Mileena cosplay !

Color ♥ Black
Lenght ♥ 35cm
Type ♥ 100% heat resistant fiber

a package in the package !

a package in the package in the package ! haha

The wig sure is safely packed ( ^ - ^ )

As you can see, because of the travel and packaging, the wig is a little curved.
 But hooray for heat resistant wig ! I had to use my hair straightener on it, 
and it worked very well.

So, basically, this is how you will look like if you don't style your wig a little : 

You will have to style it. I tried different ways to show you ! 

The Mikasa Ackerman way :

The very simple style way (but I don't think it is very flattering on me) :

The gothic way :

Finally, I styled it this way :

But I think you can do even more ! 

Like the Lolita BL wig, the quality is incredible. 

There is many many hair

And the haircut is pretty nice

The color looks natural, it doesn't look too shiny and fake.

Once again, I fell in love with a wig from Uniqso.

I am wearing the Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey circle lenses from Uniqso !

I would totally recommend this wig, 
or any other wig from Uniqso actually.

Maybe it is chance, but the 2 wigs I have 
from them are the best wigs I ever had !

If you ever want to purchase anything from Uniqso, 
you can use my discount code to get 10% off !

Discount code : yumemia

 Also check out their promotions, they always have 
nice promotions and change regulary.

Thank you for reading ! Have a nice day ♥

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