✧*。 Kawaii Box (February 2015) by Blippo 。*✧

Hi guys ! 

It's been such a long tiiime, but I'm back with such a great product !

Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box, it costs $18.90 or $17.90 (depending on what option you choose) and you receive each month (either just one, 3, 6 or one year!) a box filled with adorable items (between 10 and 12 items) from Japan and Korea. They are either stationery, plush toys, japanese food and candies, clothing... The main shop is Blippo, the creator of Kawaii Box ! ^-^

I received mine yesterday and it took 2 weeks to arrive.

Let's talk about the box itself ! As you can see, there is a very pretty "Kawaii Box" print on the left, and someone drew this adorable lion/flower (I don't know what it is, probably both!) on the right. I think this is so cute and nice already.

And here are the items I got :

A bracelet, with cubes, the colors are pastel and I love it ! The size is alright, I have quite thin wrists and it fits me.

A diamon travel tag ! So original, I think this is a very good idea. I'm not a big fan of diamonds but the colors are pretty and the texture doesn't feel fragile, this is something that is able to travel c:

Stickeeers ! I love stickers. Who doesn't ? They are little presents and ribbons, it's perfect for birthdays or Christmas I think ^-^

An adorable propelling pencil, with little bears everywhere, and a big cupcake bear on the top. I'm in love !

A hair clip, but I'm not sure of what it is ! Maybe a lollipop ?

A little charm in a shape of a ... well ... some kind of dessert that I never ate haha ! But it's so cute and looks so yummyyy

A little eraser in the shape of Hello Kitty glasses, I always love erasers with shapes !

A galaxy pencil case, always useful c: I like see-through pencil cases, and the galaxy picture is so pretty !

Chopsticks with adorable little panda, I love chopsticks, I want to have as many as I can !

A japanese candy that tasted sooo weiiiird hahaha, I'm really such a huge fan of japanese candies' panckaging but the taste is always a bad surprise for me ! But it was so much fun to do c:

An (already eaten) Kit Kat ! It's green, but the flavor is unknown, maybe Macha ? Or maybe not. It is a mystery !

And my personal favorite, a little tanuki keychain, it's so adorable and soft, I totally love it !

If everything cost $3 (that is already very cheap), the total would cost $36, but here with Kawaii Box it costs only $18 ! They are random items, you can't choose, but that's the best part : the surprise !

Just think about it... Opening a box like that every month... that is worth around $30... for only $18 !

I find the idea so great ( ^∇^)

I would totally recommend it, even just for one time ! 


  1. I am pretty sure that is the matcha flavor! I've had them before and they are sooo good. They almost taste like the matcha flavored Pocky. Yum, yum, yum.

    1. Yup probably ! c: I never ate anything matcha flavored so I couldn't recognize it hehe