✧*。 Venus Eyes Milky Pink from Pinkicon 。*✧

Sponsored by Pinkicon !

This time Pinkicon sent 2 different circle lenses to me. 
I am going to start with Milky Pink by Venus Eyes !

Duration : Monthly
Diameter : 14.5mm
Base curve : 8.6mm
Price : $43.73

(I was so happy to see a lens case !)

As usual, be extra careful when opening the vials. 
Watch tutorials on youtube or blogs if it's your first time !

And here are the lenses ! Here, one is inside-out, I'll have to be
careful when putting them (but as you can see it is pretty noticeable !)

Shipping/package : ★★★★★
The packaging is alright, the colors are nice, it's pretty !
As usual the package was 10/10

Communication : ★★★★★
Always five stars ! Very kind and quick to answer.

Design/Comfort : ★★★★☆
Like daily lenses, monthly lenses are much more soft/flexible.
So they are comfier, in my opinion !
Once again, I think the natural color of my eyes disadvantages the lenses. 
They still blend very well, but the color - pink - isn't extra noticeable.
The mix of green and pink doesn't look very pink.
I think they would look a lot better on blue or dark eyes !
They still look great, and I like the design.

For the price though, I would personally invest in yearly circle lenses. 
more than $40 for only a month is pretty expensive ! Unless you really
love the design of the circle lenses of course !

See you soon for the review of the other circle lenses !! ♥

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