✧*。 PienAge No.03 Berry from Pinkicon 。*✧

Hi everyone ! ♥

I received No.03 Berry by PienAge sponsored by Pinkicon yesterday ! ~

I was super excited because they're my first brown circle lenses. 

Base curve ♥ 8.6mm
Diameter ♥ 14mm
Water content ♥ 38%
Duration ♥ 1 Day

Shipping/package : ★★★★★
The package took one week to arrive from China to France. 
(so that's perfect !)
As usual the package was VERY stiff and safely wrapped !

The packaging is so pretty !! I love the design and the 
colors, the little ribbon makes it super elegant, 
really a pretty and pleasing packaging c: 

Communication : ★★★★★
Pinkicon are always very kind and quick to answer c:

Design/Comfort : ★★★★☆
The colors looks like chocolate, this is so nice, I really like it. 
The natural color of the eye is still very visible, but it looks lovely
on green eyes ! Though I don't know how it would look on blue eyes ?
And on brown/black eyes it will give a very nice chocolate color
and a lovely enlargement ( ^ - ^ ) They are comfortable !

They work well for "cosplay" and for a more natural look as well c:

Remember, if you want to purchase anything from Pinkicon, you can use
the discount code A24680000, you will get $5 off ! 

Thank you for reading ! Let me know what you think of them in
the comments ! ( ^ u ^ )

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  1. pretty circle lenses :3 I would like to have someones like these