✧*。 Naturali Charming Green from Pinkicon 。*✧

Naturali Charming Green sponsored by Pinkicon ♥~

Base Curve ♥ 8.7mm
Diameter ♥ 14.20mm
Water Content ♥ 38%
Duration ♥ 1 day

Hii !

Like the Fairy Princess Violet, Naturali Charming Green daily circle
lenses come in a little box with 10 circle lenses (so 5 pairs)

Design/Comfort : ★★★★★

They are very comfortable !~ The color is nice and natural. My eyes are
already green so it enhances the color and gives kind of a dolly eye effect
 because of the dark contour. They blend super well with my natural color.

As you can see it looks very natural !

On those picture I am wearing the circle lenses, it makes very pretty eyes,
but I'm sure my family and friends wouldn't notice the circle lenses ! 

However I can't imagine how it would look on dark eyes. I guess it
would give a nice and discreet green contour !

That's it ! I really love them (*´ ∇ `*)


  1. Yes very natural ^^ And so beautiful!!!

    Thank you for sharing, I will also check out this brand *0*

    恵美より ♥

  2. These circle lenses look really really very good on you!