✧*。 Fairy Princess Violet from Pinkicon 。*✧

Fairy Princess Violet sponsored by Pinkicon ! ♥

Base Curve ♥ 8.7mm
Diameter ♥ 14.0mm
Water Content ♥ 38%
Duration ♥ 1 day

Hi hi ♥

These are my first daily circle lenses. You have 10 circle lenses
in the box, so for 5 days ! You just have to open it, take the 
circle lenses and put it in your eyes c: At the end of the day,
you have to throw them away. 

Design/Comfort : ★★★★★

They are SO comfortable ! (or maybe it's because I'm getting
used to circle lenses haha !) I really didn't notice any discomfort c:

Compared to my other violet circle lenses that didn't blend
very well with my natural eye color (green), those blend much
better ! The last picture are the GEO Angel Violet, and before
the Fairy Princess Violet.

You can tell the different right ! Fairy Princess Violet blend very well.

The color and the design are not the same, but if you have green eyes
and want violet circle lenses, I would go for the Fairy Princess. 

But I think the GEO Angel Violet would look AWESOME on dark eyes !

I would love to take better pictures soon (I'm so lame these days!)
Because those circle lenses are great ! c:  The color is lovely and they
feel super comfortable, I'm so sad I only have 4 pairs left ! ; ^ ;

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