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Hi everyone !

I couldn't wait to make this review for Personal Mahou !! 

See, this cutie creates great original designs and paint them
on T-shirts. 

The "Be Magical" T-shirt is quite special ! It is
the one I am going to review. You 
can ask for your own, personalized character !

" Handmade. Customizable design. 
You can change and choose 
everything, including the 
character's expression, clothes, 
colours and posture. Also you can 
change the background, adding 
all that you wanted. "

I asked for a personalized one, I asked her to draw me~

But you can ask for anything else, it is your choice !

She asked me few questions about myself and what I like,
and created an amazing character from it !

For example I said that I liked strawberry, so the character wears
a strawberry dress ! (how adorable is that ; w ; ?!)

It is very personalized, she is very, very sweet and nice and listening 
to what you want, because she wants to create the perfect Tshirt for you !

So here is what I received today :

It was in a bubble envelope, packed to protect the T-shirt.

You will receive not only the T-shirt, but also the original drawing !

Of course, because of the travel, the paper of the 
drawing was a little damaged. 
I cut the drawing and stuck it to a new paper, because I want to keep it
and use it as decoration ! ; w ;

The drawing is not printed on a T-shirt, she really paints on the T-shirt !
So the colors can change a little, but I think it is amazing !!

I took a lot of close-up pictures, so you can see the (amazing art skills) details !

And here are some pictures of me wearing it : 

The T-shirt is super comfy, I chose size M. It is very very soft and fluid,
not like some other T-shirts that are quite stiff.

I am sooo happy with it and I think the idea of personalized T-shirts amazing and perfect ! But all the other designs are also super awesome !

Please please take the time to check out this shop, it is totally worh it !

Thank you for reading !~

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