✧*。 Necklaces from Rosegal Review 。*✧

Hi hi ♥

Today I received the last prices from the Fashionista Contest of 
hana-hisaishi ! (thank you so much again!)

They are both from Rosegal

It does look like the storage picture, but in reality it looks really,
really cheap. Of course the pearls are not real ones, but here you
can say thaaaat is obviously plastic !

I didn't know how to wear it, close to the neck or not. So I tried both !

I like the idea of the big pearls and of the ribbon, but I'm not conviced by
the necklace itself. Of course the pearl look false, but also how I wear
it maybe ? Hmm I don't know !... Anyway  the ribbon is really soft 
so it was nice to wear. 

You can already see on the storage picture that some fabric
exceeds a little everywhere. As you can see, I had to cut
it so it'd look cleaner.

I wasn't expecting something as big, but well !... For me it would
look a lot better if it was smaller. 

Moreover, it is very unpleasant to wear. I never wore something so itchy, 
I couldn't keep it for more than 5 minutes !

I will try to do something about that, because the shape of this
necklace is very interesting ( ・ω・)

And that's it ! 

Thank you for reading ! ♥

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