✧*。 Born Pretty Store big Review 。*✧

Hi hi !~

few months ago I won the Fashionista Contest by the tumblr user hana-hisaishi, and my prices from Born Pretty came in the mail yesterday !

 the fake eyelashes box was pretty damaged, but 
nothing was missing inside the box ( ^-^ )

 In the first pack there were the two nail polish - they were so secured in there ! Absolutely 0% chance of any accident.

They are both amazing, pictures of my nails are coming !

all the other items + a gift were in the other pack

Not only this little owl is super cute, the cream is very pleasant by the smell and by the texture ! It nourishes pretty well and doesn't leave any oily effect on the hand after use. To be honest I will keep this little owl forever as decoration !

 I love multi-use accessories ! And this Punk Spike Leather can be worn as bracelet, hair band or necklace. Pictures of every use are coming !

I usually don't use liquid concealer so this was a first try ! it is not easy to find the right skin tone, but I was lucky haha ! I have n°3. 
I really like the smell of it ^u^ Pictures are coming !

This ring is a little gift from Born Pretty ! It was very well packed, 
it just couldn't slip away ~

I think it is a lovely ring, though it is really not the kind of ring 
I usually wear. Little surprises are always nice !

Here I am wearing the "Punk Spike Leather" as a choker ! And I 
am wearing the 2 nail polish, I am totally in love with those ! 

I used the liquid concealer, I'm really happy with it though I'm probably not using it everyday. Headband this time ! And I am also wearing the 
fake eye lashes. I really really love how it looks !  

The circle lenses are from Uniqso
You can read the review of them here uwu

Thank you so much for reading ! ♥