✧*。 Necklaces from Rosegal Review 。*✧

Hi hi ♥

Today I received the last prices from the Fashionista Contest of 
hana-hisaishi ! (thank you so much again!)

They are both from Rosegal

It does look like the storage picture, but in reality it looks really,
really cheap. Of course the pearls are not real ones, but here you
can say thaaaat is obviously plastic !

I didn't know how to wear it, close to the neck or not. So I tried both !

I like the idea of the big pearls and of the ribbon, but I'm not conviced by
the necklace itself. Of course the pearl look false, but also how I wear
it maybe ? Hmm I don't know !... Anyway  the ribbon is really soft 
so it was nice to wear. 

You can already see on the storage picture that some fabric
exceeds a little everywhere. As you can see, I had to cut
it so it'd look cleaner.

I wasn't expecting something as big, but well !... For me it would
look a lot better if it was smaller. 

Moreover, it is very unpleasant to wear. I never wore something so itchy, 
I couldn't keep it for more than 5 minutes !

I will try to do something about that, because the shape of this
necklace is very interesting ( ・ω・)

And that's it ! 

Thank you for reading ! ♥


✧*。 Personal Mahou Review 。*✧

Hi everyone !

I couldn't wait to make this review for Personal Mahou !! 

See, this cutie creates great original designs and paint them
on T-shirts. 

The "Be Magical" T-shirt is quite special ! It is
the one I am going to review. You 
can ask for your own, personalized character !

" Handmade. Customizable design. 
You can change and choose 
everything, including the 
character's expression, clothes, 
colours and posture. Also you can 
change the background, adding 
all that you wanted. "

I asked for a personalized one, I asked her to draw me~

But you can ask for anything else, it is your choice !

She asked me few questions about myself and what I like,
and created an amazing character from it !

For example I said that I liked strawberry, so the character wears
a strawberry dress ! (how adorable is that ; w ; ?!)

It is very personalized, she is very, very sweet and nice and listening 
to what you want, because she wants to create the perfect Tshirt for you !

So here is what I received today :

It was in a bubble envelope, packed to protect the T-shirt.

You will receive not only the T-shirt, but also the original drawing !

Of course, because of the travel, the paper of the 
drawing was a little damaged. 
I cut the drawing and stuck it to a new paper, because I want to keep it
and use it as decoration ! ; w ;

The drawing is not printed on a T-shirt, she really paints on the T-shirt !
So the colors can change a little, but I think it is amazing !!

I took a lot of close-up pictures, so you can see the (amazing art skills) details !

And here are some pictures of me wearing it : 

The T-shirt is super comfy, I chose size M. It is very very soft and fluid,
not like some other T-shirts that are quite stiff.

I am sooo happy with it and I think the idea of personalized T-shirts amazing and perfect ! But all the other designs are also super awesome !

Please please take the time to check out this shop, it is totally worh it !

Thank you for reading !~


✧*。 Born Pretty Store big Review 。*✧

Hi hi !~

few months ago I won the Fashionista Contest by the tumblr user hana-hisaishi, and my prices from Born Pretty came in the mail yesterday !

 the fake eyelashes box was pretty damaged, but 
nothing was missing inside the box ( ^-^ )

 In the first pack there were the two nail polish - they were so secured in there ! Absolutely 0% chance of any accident.

They are both amazing, pictures of my nails are coming !

all the other items + a gift were in the other pack

Not only this little owl is super cute, the cream is very pleasant by the smell and by the texture ! It nourishes pretty well and doesn't leave any oily effect on the hand after use. To be honest I will keep this little owl forever as decoration !

 I love multi-use accessories ! And this Punk Spike Leather can be worn as bracelet, hair band or necklace. Pictures of every use are coming !

I usually don't use liquid concealer so this was a first try ! it is not easy to find the right skin tone, but I was lucky haha ! I have n°3. 
I really like the smell of it ^u^ Pictures are coming !

This ring is a little gift from Born Pretty ! It was very well packed, 
it just couldn't slip away ~

I think it is a lovely ring, though it is really not the kind of ring 
I usually wear. Little surprises are always nice !

Here I am wearing the "Punk Spike Leather" as a choker ! And I 
am wearing the 2 nail polish, I am totally in love with those ! 

I used the liquid concealer, I'm really happy with it though I'm probably not using it everyday. Headband this time ! And I am also wearing the 
fake eye lashes. I really really love how it looks !  

The circle lenses are from Uniqso
You can read the review of them here uwu

Thank you so much for reading ! ♥

✧*。 Dolly Eye Ice Melon Grey from Uniqso 。*✧

Sponsored by Uniqso !

Base Curve ♥ 8.6mm
Color Tones ♥ 1 Tone
Diameter ♥ 14.5mm
Processing Time ♥ 2-3 working days
Remarks ♥ Free 1 normal lens case
Replacement Period ♥ 12 months
Water Content ♥ 38%

Please read and follow this carefully before opening the bottles ! : 
Uniqso tutorial
Video tutorial

I want to use these lenses for my Zabuza cosplay, and I think they will be great ! I would have love to have a lighter color but I really love how it looks this way. 

Shipping/package : ★★★★
It was safely packed, arrived 
in a cute little box with a lens case !

Communication : ★★★★
As always, Uniqso has a GREAT customer service, 
they're always very kind and reply within 24 hours.

Design/Comfort : ★★★☆
It gives a more piercing look ! Don't expect those lenses to 
give you a great enlargement effect though, because the 
countour of the lenses is very light.
These circle lenses are perfect for a discrete change. The color blends 
with your natural eye color and gives to your eye a lighter color, very 
nice and natural.  I think these lenses are perfect if you want to 
lighten your look, without noticing you're wearing circle lenses ! 
I don't give 5 stars though because the lenses are very transparent.
If you have very light eyes already you won't notice it but if your
eyes are darker, the lenses can't cover it at 100% !
I haven't noticed any discomfort.
If unfortunately you do, you can always treat the discomfort 
induced by circle lenses through these several ways.

 Zabuza pictures are coming soon !~

Don't forget to use the discount code "yumemia" to get 10% off ! ♥

Thank you for reading ! 

Edit : I finally took some pictures of my cosplay ! It is my very first
try, so I know it's not flawless. But yay I did it !