✧*。 Chappy (Pote Usa Loppy) from Tokyo Otaku Mode 。*✧

I've been waiting for him for sooo long !! I was sooo happy when he arrived ! (*´ ˘ `*)
But with a very bad surprise !

Chappy didn't cost me anything thanks to the TOM points, I only had to pay the shipment (something around $12) but this morning, I had to pay an extra 27€ to have the package !! (ृ˙꒳˙ ृ ) Because of Chronopost (I guess it's a french company) that took  care of the package since it was in Paris. 

Well... 27€... I have to confess

That is it worth it anyway ( ̄▽ ̄) 
(but it would be nice to know you'll have to pay an extra)

awwww look at him ; w ; 

Here are the sorage picture and what I received :

I'm sorry I just couldn't stop taking pictuuuures 

He is adorable, soft, and super super big, I'm in love ♥

You can have him of one of his friends here !! ♥

Thank you for reading ! (*´◡`*)❀

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