✧*。 Strawberry bag & Bow tie from Bodyline 。*✧

 Look what I received today ! My order from Bodyline ! ♥~ It took 20 days to come in France

Both were in the same package 

Let's start with the bow tie ! I'm really happy with it, it doesn't look cheap at all. You can adjust the lenght : close to your neck or larger ! ~

Look how my alpacasso looks cute ! It suits him so well uwu

Now the bag : it's so soft ! Look, you can see it ! 

You have 2 spaces, one big and one smaller on the back 

You also can adjust the lenght as you want to ! 
I'm in love with them, you can wear basic clothes, they'll make your outfit super duper cute !

Prices : 
Strawberry bag $11
Bow tie $4
Free delivery ! 

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