✧*。 Black braided wig from Amazon 。*✧

I received my wig for my Zabuza's cosplay • female version !

It was very well protected. The wig is in a net, in a plastic zipper bag. There is also the little thing you have to put before the wig with nice tutorial drawings ( ^ - ^ ) : 

You can adjust the size of the wig with little hooks 

I'm very happy because the wig looks very natural ! There are very nice brown highlights 

Negative point : the end of the braid ! It's so damaged !

Since I wanted 2 braids for my cosplay, I made them (and it was suuuuper difficult! ; o ;)

And now it's ready to be worn !

I think this wig looks great, it's my first short wig and I'm super happy with it ! It looks quite natural but also with a manga-looks that I love ! (‥ºั▽ºั‥ ) 

Price : 23€ 


  1. Omg soo beatifull! Can I ask you wich camera do you use? ty

  2. Oh hi ! I'm sorry I just saw your comment ; - ; I'm using the Canon EOS 450D with a Canon 18-55mm objective ~